A volumetric model of an industrial unit or a car part will help correct errors at the design stage. 3D printing allows you to create a prototype quickly and at minimal cost. To create a three-dimensional model, a printer is used – a device that prints with plastic. The print head of this device is a heater that melts the filament. Stepper motors direct it to the right place and as a result, the part is grown layer by layer. Management is carried out from an external or built-in computer. The software allows you to quickly make adjustments to the model, convert the data to an STL file, and send the information to the printer.

What materials are used to create parts?

3D models are created from various types of plastic. The material is supplied in the form of threads of various diameters and colors. Filament is made from polymers with different performance characteristics. Plastic differs in strength, durability, solubility in different solvents, melting point. This makes it possible to produce 3D prototypes with specified characteristics. With the right choice of filament, printed models can be used in everyday life, in production, in medicine.

Equipment design features

The machine is a working platform on which printing is done. It is surrounded by guides along which the extruder moves. The print head is driven by stepper motors. The extruder design can be designed to work with one or more filaments. In the latter case, printing with different types of plastic is possible. Where and at what speed the print head moves is determined by the software.

Main advantages

Among the main advantages of a 3D printer are ease of use and high precision in manufacturing parts. The equipment takes up a minimum of space and operates with a low noise level. A wide selection of software, auxiliary materials allows you to quickly learn how to create 3D models in any direction. Affordable price makes the equipment available not only for small enterprises, laboratories, studios, but also for individuals. You can choose equipment for 3D printing according to a variety of parameters: cost, manufacturer, application and technical characteristics.

STL project files for 3d printer:

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