Selection type of milling cutter for machine depends from the processed item material

Single-flute cutter for CNC machines…

fit for milling purposes soft materials: soft plastics (soft PVC, foams), wooden ones materials (fibrous plate, chipboard), sandwich panels.

This type of mills is mainly used advertising and layout production for quick cutting materials in the case when not so important to the quality end processed surface. However, the depth and the length of one grooving allows you to getting a long line shavings that are prevents it scoring milling cutters that increases its durability.

Two-flute milling cutters…

fit for milling purposes hard materials: MDF, plywood, plastics (acrylic, hard PVC, polycarbonate).

Spiral milling cutter with two or more flutes applied for processing with education smaller shavings and by a large margin material for the one pass. The number of teeth and depth grooving provides shredding. When using milling machines with large quantity click-throughs are allowed achieve greater productivity the purity of processed information the surface.

Spiral two-flutes round milling cutter allows you to get the least rough surface thanks to lower vibrations in progress cutting. This one tool applied for application U-shaped engraving (for example, text) on the surface material, a also used at the final stage or a preliminary one processing three-dimensional ones objects (in dependencies from the value the smallest ones elements terrain). When final version such processing solid milling cutter tree varieties surface it works polished and it doesn’t require it additional information improvements. Also spiral milling cutters use for pre-installation and final (depends on geometries processed surfaces) processing options 3D objects and various forms.

Most they are common milling cutters with removal shavings up. When working milling cutter with removal shavings up on the surface processed item the material can be be present pile. So that when cutting out get a clean one surface you can use milling cutters with removal shavings down , where matches right rotation and the left helix threads that prevents it occurrence lint on the surface. During processing laminated materials use compression devices milling cutters that are allow get a surface without chipping, saving facing material material.

Spherical milling сutter for CNC…

applied for 3D processing. They process wood, plastic, steel, non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, brass, etc.). Milling cutter data allow get a surface with a smaller one roughness thanks to lower vibrations in progress cutting.

Two-flute milling cutters used to work with workpieces made of wood, chipboard, MDF, plastics, model number wax and some non-ferrous metals. Two-flute milling cutters are perfect suitable for processing options high reliefs without rough draft processing. Thanks to conical shape milling cutters have high strength when it’s small cutting tool diameter the end of the milling cutter.

Milling cutters manufactured by made of carbide tungsten C adding strengthening materials impurities, coating = AlTiN (aluminum and titanium nitride).

Milling cutters with cutting part in the form of fish the tail

when milling machine through and through prevent appearance irregularities, chips and burrs on the reverse side side of the material. Deep groove allows you to support high flows at high speed processing options processing of the material. For geometry account blades are minimized vibrations, a milling cutter geometry contributes to effective chip ejection from the cutting zone.

Conical engraver…

applied for processing small 3D elements terrain and when engraving on the surface material (ABS, PVC, wood, plexiglass).

Differences between the milling cutter and an engraver
Engraver "it's a simple one tool, shared double cylinder, followed by back sanding. Form maybe different; the most distributed triangular ones . In contrast their milling cutters there is no spiral shape gutters for chip removal.

HSS coated milling cutters…

Life HSS coated milling cutters significantly increases. For example, for titanium nitride (TiN) service life increases six times. Titan-Nitrid significantly tougher than HSS, and also tougher than HM. With titanium-Nitrid coating tools HM also serves longer, though the difference in hardness values insignificant. More significantly coverage is reflected on the number of revolutions and feed. Her you can increase it and shorten it thus processing time. When milling aluminum TiN prevents intimidating baking aluminum in General milling machine.

Three-flute spiral end mill cutters…

are used for milling, cutting, processing grooves on solid surfaces materials, draft and semi-violent processing options steels, including including stainless steel ones. Three cutting tools the edges provide higher quality quality processed surfaces, than for 2-way and single-way buses milling cutter. Their main thing advantage – high rigidity if there are any remaining changes good ones features chip removal from the cutting zone.

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