A desktop CNC milling machine is a miniature copy of a large machine and it performs the same functions and has a similar design. Mini CNC milling machines have dimensions less than 910x880x880 mm. Due to their compactness, these milling machines can be installed in a domestic environment. For example, in a country house, in a garage or even in a souvenir shop.

Mini CNC machine

Mini NC milling machine features

Usually, such a milling machine for a home takes power from a regular 220 volt outlet. The spindle power of 0.7 kilowatts and up to 1.5 kilowatts allows processing plastic, wood or soft metals (copper, aluminum and brass).

In general desktop milling machines equipped with numerical control (CNC) make it possible to control their work using a computer or a DSP controller, which makes working with the machine easier, more accurate and safer.

For example the height of the working area in desktop milling machines varies between 40 – 210 millimeters. It is important because height limits the thickness of the workpiece to be machined.

Desktop milling machine


Depending on your requirements, CNC milling machines are equipped with additional options such as:

  • Spindle with increased power up to 2.5 kilowatts – for processing difficult-to-materials
  • Machine chip suction – for removing chips from the cutting zone
  • Water or air cooling system of the spindle – to increase its service life, and increase stability of work.
  • Rotary device – for processing conical parts
Desktop cnc with a rotary device

In this case, the rotary device is connected to the driver of one of the two coordinate axes of the milling machine X or Y, and the milling cutter moves along one coordinate, and the rotary device with the workpiece clamped between the headstock rotates progressively, allowing to make products of a rounded shape.


The scope of application of a hobby CNC milling machine is very wide, in addition to milling. for example it can work as a drilling machine or as an accurate and reliable engraver for obtaining a variety of images and inscriptions on metal tokens or plates, souvenirs made of wood or plastic.


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