Cricut Explore - desktop cutting plotter

The compact device works with materials of various densities and is able to recreate the most complex patterns with great accuracy. In addition, the model has a drawing function, which can be performed both simultaneously with cutting, and separately.

One of the Cricut Explore heads is equipped with a carbide metal blade. Using special free software (Cricut Design Space), the user will be able to create work paths of projects.

To select the material on the plotter, a round handle is provided, rotating which you can select the type of material used, whether it is plain paper, fabric, adhesive tape or cardboard. It is also possible to manually adjust the thickness of the base on which the pattern will be cut.

Cricut Explore  desktop plotter

The plotter design includes an additional head, which is responsible for drawing. A ballpoint pen, a pencil, a marker, etc. can be attached to its base. This means that the cut-out composition can overlap with any pattern or just be circled around the contours.

Cricut Explore will help its owner to create exclusive postcards, invitation cards, all kinds of advertising stickers, stencils of inscriptions for transferring to clothes, etc.

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