If you are using a fairly new version of the RuiDa controller, then you can control the laser machine using your Android device or IPhone.

RuiDa Technology Co. devote to researching and developing motion control, machine vision, laser marking & cutting and automatic core parts independently. RuiDa also provides software to users of its products. Official site – http://www.rd-acs.com/

The application is suitable for situations when it is far to reach the control panel (especially important for large machines) and when adjusting, that is, setting up the mirror system.

With the RuiDa ACS app we can:

  • move the laser head in any direction
  • adjust starting point – ‘Origin’
  • show work area boundaries – ‘Frame’
  • check the operation of the laser by pressing the ‘Pulse’ button
  • start and pause the control program
  • stop the laser machine

Unfortunately, the application does not provide for the selection of files, preparation of control programs. as well as changing the working speed and power. This will have to be done from a computer or from the control panel of the machine itself.

So, for this we need:

  1. Connect the machine via a LAN port to a WiFi router.
  2. Connect your smartphone to the WiFi network of the same router.
  3. Install RuiDa ACS App
  4. In the application, configure the name and address of the machine (name – any; IP address, usually
  5. Enjoy machine control from anywhere in your workshop!

By default, the application launches in Chinese. Follow the instructions on the screen to change the language to English.

  1. Click on the ‘Set’ icon in the upper left corner.
  2. In the menu that opens, click on the first line – this is the choice of language.
  3. Select English. Return to the home screen.

Next, we need to enter the name of the laser machine in the top line, and the ip address in the bottom line. You choose the name yourself. The IP address of the machine can be seen on the controller display in the IP configuration menu.

Displaying the IP address in RDWorks ver. 8.01.54

We enter this address in the second line in the application and click on the ‘Submit’ button

Now we can try to connect to the machine. To do this, simply click on the created entry.


Click here to download for IPhone. User manual you can find here.

Click here to download for Android. No user manual, you can read version for IOS (here).

Newest version of RDWorks software is here

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