What is a CNC laser machine?

CNC laser machine is a numerical control machine. It is intended for cutting parts of varying complexity and surface treatment with high precision and speed. Naturally, with the advent of such machines, labor productivity has increased significantly, since a person does not have to do the most complex operations manually.

Much time has passed since the first CNC machines appeared: the first serial CNC device was created by Bendix Corp. in 1954 and from the next year it began to be installed on machine tools. Now the machines have been greatly improved, laser processing technologies have stepped to a new level.

This technique allows us to carry out all the work in a very high quality, accurately, to produce professional, competitive products.

What should be considered when choosing a CNC machine?

When choosing a CNC laser cutting machine for your workshop, you need to consider the following:

  • What kind of products are you planning to make.
  • Estimated product size.
  • The degree of manufacturing accuracy.
  • What surfaces will you handle.
  • How much product you plan to release.

The price of the machines depends on these criteria.

Types of CNC laser machines and their applications.

There are several basic types of laser cutting machines. There are those designed for jewelry workshops: they have a small working area, take up little space, but are characterized by high precision of work. They are also good for making souvenirs.

Also, there are special devices for working with stone; they are in demand at specialized, professional enterprises. Laser engrave on stone

There are universal CNC laser machines, which are suitable for workshops that perform a variety of operations. There are also professional machines that are designed to produce large volumes of products.

Most often, laser machines are used in the field of advertising products. In addition, they are purchased by furniture enterprises, companies or workshops that produce souvenirs and jewelry, as well as companies related to other areas of production, where high precision of cutting and engraving is important.

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