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Project files for CNC machines

For laser, plotter, printer, router

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Original ideas. New technologies

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Here you will find original projects for CNC machines such as laser cutter,router, 3D printer,  Cricut & Sillhouette. Projects are made in popular formats: SVG, DXF, AI, STL, PDF and others.

Objects around us change under the influence of new technologies: their appearance, functionality, methods of production.

We live in a time when everyone can make almost any thing that he needs or likes. It can be: a gift to a friend, a broken part, furniture, a souvenir or an art object. And its great!

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  • harry potter universe 4

    Personal Hogwarts invitation • Custom express ticket

    History The Hogwarts Express ticket is a ticket that is provided to anyone who is visiting a Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the first time. It provides important data such as the date and time when the Hogwarts Express leaves from Kings Cross Station. Rubeus Hagrid provided Harry Potter with one of them


  • Cnc Safety

    How CNC machines are programmed in factories

    From lathes to lasers Programmers are in demand everywhere, even in manufacturing. The fact is that it takes a long time to make each part by hand, so automation is needed. And where there is automation, there are programs and algorithms. Today we will show you a direction in IT that we have not yet


  • 7zip

    How to open ZIP and RAR archives? Free software.

    7-Zip is free software with open source. The most of the code is under the GNU LGPL license. Version 21.01 is available for Windows (GUI) and for MacOS and Linux (console). There are options for different systems, including 32-bit, 64-bit, x86, and ARM. Select and download the version for your operating system. Then install it


  • how 3d printing change the world

    How 3D printing is changing the World

    New technical revolution 3D printing is becoming more and more widespread every year. According to research group CONTEXT, the 500,000th 3D printer was shipped in 2015, and more than 8 million devices have been sold by 2020. 3D printing is already being introduced as a manufacturing technology. For example, in 2016, General Electric began selling


  • laser marking

    Comparison of CO2 gas lasers with solid-state lasers

    CNCrapidly conquered the high-tech material processing sector. Due to the high accuracy, processing speed, as well as the low unit cost of manufacturing products, laser machines began to appear where, until recently, the use of automatic processing was unthinkable (and even on “sophisticated” CNC machines!). The advantage of laser equipment is also ease of operation


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