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Here you will find original projects for CNC machines such as laser cutter,router, 3D printer,  Cricut & Sillhouette. Projects are made in popular formats: SVG, DXF, AI, STL, PDF and others.

Objects around us change under the influence of new technologies: their appearance, functionality, methods of production.

We live in a time when everyone can make almost any thing that he needs or likes. It can be: a gift to a friend, a broken part, furniture, a souvenir or an art object. And its great!

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    Can’t decide between ABS and PLA filaments? They might cost the same, but find out how they differ in terms of printability and physical properties.FDM, or Fused Deposition Modeling, is a 3D printing technique that has successfully transitioned from the commercial to consumer 3D printing space. Most home FDM 3D printers can melt and extrude […]


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    By Douglas Hannah, Boston University March 27, 2022 A do-it-yourself air purifier in use in a classroom. Credit: Douglas Hannah, CC BY-NDOne afternoon, a dozen Arizona State University students gathered to spend the morning cutting cardboard, taping fans, and assembling filters in an effort to build 125 portable air purifiers for local schools. That same […]


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    There’s a fine line between simple feature creep and going over the top when it comes to project design. It’s hard to say exactly where that line is, but we’re pretty sure that this filament dry box has at least stepped over it, and might even have erased it entirely.Sure, we all know the value […]


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